KAYAD was established in 1998 with the aim of eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and contributing to gender equality by strengthening the profile of women in the community.

As the first and only of its kind in the northern part of Cyprus, since the first day of its establishment KAYAD has carried out various awareness raising activities to prevent domestic violence and has made an effort to ensure that all steps it has taken for community development are sustainable.  

Within a volunteer framework and the limits of its recourses, KAYAD has provided solidarity to all women, families and children that seeked support.

Since the day of its establishment KAYAD has implemented various activities for its members and sympathizers with the aim of strengthening the KAYAD family and member network:

  • Alongside local and international culture visits that reach from China to Paphos, various social activities are held at the KAYAD centre according to member demand.
  • With the aim of forming networks with women who share the same vision across Cyprus and in the world, KAYAD is member to various local and international networks such as WINPEACE.
  • With the aim of developing a peace culture, KAYAD has organised many multicultural camps both in northern and southern parts of Cyprus and abroad. In addition, KAYAD annually contributes to the organisation and implementation of the WINPEACE multicultural summer camp that takes place with participants from Greece, Turkey and across Cyprus.
  • Education seminars and workshops are led by international experts of effective communication, positive thinking and meditation as part as KAYAD’s conflict resolution and peace culture ethos.
  • With its broad team, KAYAD has been able to establish a strong womens solidarity network. In particular, the KAYAD family who celebrate special events such as the 8th of March Women’s day and New Years together venues run by women entrepreneurs as their venues.